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Pacific Myth
Subscribe Now Packages What? Why? FAQ


Tier 1
For the low and ONE-TIME price of $12, you will receive the following instantaneous delicacies once a month — EVERY MONTH, on the 15th:
  • The Monthly Song (unlimited streaming and a variety of audio download formats to choose from)
  • An exclusive instrumental mix of the song (w/ same audio options mentioned above)
  • The song's dedicated high-resolution artwork, lyrics, and liner notes.
  • Access to Subscriber-Only Area (aka Fan Community)We'll be uploading exclusive goodies like full music scores, video playthroughs, music videos, subscriber-only merch, and lots of other treats.
Tier 2
Everything from Tier 1, plus:
Volition: 6 Part Doc-Series

We were pretty good about documenting the writing, recording, and release of our last album, Volition. As most of you know, it wasn't a 'standard' kind of release for our band and we learned a whole bunch along the way. Volition was our first truly independent release of our career and funded entirely by our fans. It was by far our most successful release in many ways and something we will always be proud of. We wanted to give you a glimpse of what a self released record for a band like us really looked like.

Spanning 120 minutes total, the series was directed and edited by our favourite videographer Marc Ricciardelli, and as brutally honest as we could make it. Here's to all the the future lawsuits!

**While the audio aspects of this tier will be instantly delivered, please allow up to 24 hours to receive your video code after first purchasing this tier.

Subscribed to Tier 1 and realized how hard you fucked up?
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About Pacific Myth

If you know a bit about our band, you probably know that we like to stir the pot. We value that our fans have come to expect the unexpected from us. Realistically, we don't even know what to expect anymore. The one thing we do expect though is that no idea is too big or too scary to take on - and this big old idea has been impending for quite some time now.

The original dream was to create a subscription-like platform for our music where "subscribers" could enjoy the scheduled arrival of a new protest the hero tune every month, on the same day, at the same time! While we battled with the logistics of launching such a beast, Bandcamp came along and pretty much nailed it. So here we are!

We believe this to be a sustainable model for what we do and a wonderful and honest way of getting more music made for you all. We hereby decree our collective commitment to releasing a song a month for the next 6 months. Like Rody mentioned in the video, think of it as an EP spread over six months....just way friggin' better.

"How is it friggin' better?" you are undoubtedly asking yourself.

Here's the thing: we have done the full-length album and ensuing record cycle four times now. While they all had their benefits, they all dragged on. Most record cycles are at least 2 years. That's two years of promoting 40-or-so minutes of music. Music that you may have written two years before that! We have never been able to release what we want to release NOW. So that's exactly what this is. These are songs we love now, songs we are proud of now, and songs which are inherently more candid than our other material. Don't get us wrong, this is very much the pth you either know and love or know and hate. If you like what we do, we are pretty sure you are going to dig this crap. I guess we'll let these little lullabies speak for themselves...

Anywho - by subscribing to "Pacific Myth", you will get a tune a month as well as access to all the content we've collected along the way. It will include pictures, journals, lyrics, musical transcriptions, samples of music to come and some rookie-edited videos to keep you either entertained or appalled while you wait for the next month's material.

Thanks for reading, listening and watching our careers thus far. Know that absolutely none of these projects would be possible without you. We dig ourselves further in your debt with each signup!

Yours Restlessly,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pacific Myth?

It's the name of our new subscription platform we have created on Bandcamp.

What made you want to run a subscription platform?

It's a very exciting way for us to release music.  It feels more personal than a packaged album - and much more immediate too!  The second we post a new song on our subscription page, everyone who is subscribed gets it.  Outside of individually emailing you all a wav of the song, we can't think of a more direct way of offering our music.

What do I have to gain as a subscriber?

Lots!  While the insanely punctual arrival of a new song every month would be enough to give us a crazy erection, you'll also get a lot more.  You'll get instrumental mixes, high res artwork & lyrics as well as all the bonus content we will be posting / offering for subscribers only.

Don't forget that if you choose "Tier 2", you will be getting access to an amazingly edited Doc-Series which has been expertly chiselled from hundreds of hours of footage by our friend and current godfather to our pets, Marc Ricciardelli.

How do I access the Volition doc series? (Tier 2 only)

Once we have granted you VHX access (within 24 hours of your subscription) All available videos will be available through your VHX account.

You can login at

Your login email is the same one you used to subscribe through BandCamp, the first time you log in, you will be sent an email to set a password.

As a new video is released each month, you receive an email notification and the video will also be added to your account.

Episodes launch on the 15th day of every month from October 2015 - March 2016.

I haven't been granted access to view the Doc Series... What's the deal? (Tier 2 Only)

Because Bandcamp isn't yet able to fulfill lengthy, HD videos we had to utilize - a separate website which specializes in the distribution of digital video projects. We ask that subscribers of this tier give us 24 hrs or so to send them a link to their video(s). This is because we have to manually add everyone who subscribes, sending them each an individual link to the streaming page.

Can I upgrade from Tier 1 to Tier 2 to receive the doc series?

You sure can! Click Here to Upgrade to Tier 2 now! You will get access to your VHX account wthin 24 hours.

What are Tiers?

Tiers are a way we can offer different levels to would-be subscribers.  They aren't designed to grant anyone elite status - they just target different tastes.

"Tier 1" is strictly about the music.  

"Tier 2" is aimed at those people who want to see behind the scenes a little more.  While it still offers everything from the previous tier, this one gives subscribers a stupidly in-depth look at our career thus far and the making of our last full length album "Volition".  

How did you decide on pricing?

That was a tough one since we really didn't know what the reception to something like this was going to be like.  We thought about what we might expect to pay for the packages we were offering and based it on that.  Unlike some other streaming platforms, we still believe that our music has value.  We recognize the s in digital music which is making a penny business out of something we all worked tirelessly on.  Not to mentioned that writing, recording, and offering these songs and videos doesn't come cheap.  We hope the price reflects both our hard work and our awareness that music isn't something people expect to pay for anymore!

Will I have to pay more than once?

No.  Once you sign up for either tier and pay the associate price, that's it!  You get six months worth of everything in that tier no matter when you discover our subscription service.

What if I want to subscribe but you are already a few months into the subscription service?

That's the beauty of the one time fee.  There isn't such a thing as being late to the party.  As soon as you subscribe, you will get the full six month experience!  You will have access to streams and downloads of any songs you have missed the second you come on board, no matter how many months we have already run the subscription. If you picked Tier 2, the same applies for any of the doc-series episodes which you missed.

Why do we have to pay for a "year" if you only plan on running this for six months?  

Unfortunately, Bandcamp only anticipated that artists would use this platform for monthly or yearly subscription models.  We asked them to change the wording on our campaign to something like "6 Months" or "Semi-Annually' but it went against their policies.  This is why we are trying to be as clear as we can about running this for SIX months only, despite what the Bandcamp page says.  Having said that, you will have access to the "Fan Community" (bandcamp's language, not ours) AND your song / video streams for the rest of time.

Why not just run a monthly campaign then?

Doing a one-time fee was the best way to protect everybody's purchases.  No matter when you become a subscriber, you get the same thing as everybody else and for the same price.  Many monthly subscription models take advantage of the fact that many people don't cancel their subscription because the fee is low or they have to jump through hoops to cancel.  

Despite the monthly fee being lower per month (or in our case, per song) it adds up to more overtime and thus, those offering the subscription yield higher revenue over time.  While we are sure this method would probably make us more money over the long haul, we prefer a method which lays all the cards on the table - no surprises or marketing tricks.

$12 for six songs sounds like kind of a lot.

We respectfully disagree. It's technically 12 tracks since you get an instrumental mix of each song automatically.  A single track on Itunes these days will run you $1.29. You do the math!  On top of that, we WILL be posting some pretty special free goodies in our "Fan Community".  We are more than confident all of our subscribers will feel like they got their monies worth, regardless of which tier they choose.

What exactly is the "Protest the Hero Fan Community" your Bandcamp site advertises to subscribers.

While "Fan Community" wouldn't have been our choice of wording, it's what Bandcamp has chosen to call a kind of VIP area only accessed by subscribers.  It's where we can post all kinds of goodies for subscribers to reward / thank them for their ongoing support.  We have big plans to post video play throughs, free sheet music, 'making of' video updates (pupdates), photos and a bunch of other crap.

Can I sign up for both tiers?

I don't know if the website will even let you do this, but if you are considering purchasing both tiers - stop. If you want all the rewards associated with this subscription, just grab "Tier 2".  I it comes with everything in both tiers!

Have you abandoned doing full length albums altogether?

Oh god no.  Like we mentioned in the video, we truly do love full length albums.  I believe the plan is to start writing one concurrently with the monthly song releases. We just needed a change of pace.  There is something so exciting about the immediacy of this project - we can literally finish a song one day and release it the next if we so desire!

Will these songs ever be released in a more traditional sense?

While we don't have any concrete plans to release this after the subscription has ended, we definitely aren't ruling that out.  We know this 'subscription thing' is going to be a foreign concept to some people.  At some point, it would be nice to open these songs up to our entire fanbase once our hardcore followers have had their feast.

What are the benefits of signing up now vs waiting until you release these songs traditionally?

The biggest benefit is that you get to hear the music as soon as its completed. 

As a subscriber, you would generally be hearing these new songs a few days after we have signed off on the final mixes and masters. That's pretty unheard of these days - normally there's a period of at least three months between the end of a studio recording term and the release of the actual record. 

By all means, if you are a fan of our music but remain a skeptic of the platform, we understand.  Hang in there and we will make it available for you one day.

Unique artwork for every song?

Oh god yes.  Another cool aspect about releasing one song at a time is the fact that we can assign unique artwork to each one.  While you can probably already see the amazing artwork of Sean Curry on display, we have Jeff Jordan warming up in the batter's box and another couple surprises to come as well!  We can say without a doubt that this is some of the best artwork we have ever offered!

What is "Subscriber Only Merch" and do you plan to offer it?

Subscriber only merch is a pretty cool way to offer certain things ONLY to our subscribers.  For example: we plan on offering limited runs of 10" vinyl singles of these songs.  Those would be perfect items to offer only to our subscribers.  Many other ideas have been tossed around too, such as limited edition screen prints, Pacific Myth related clothing, and even concerts / listening parties.

The sky is pretty much the limited with what we can offer.

I want to pay with PayPal but it seems like credit card is the only option?

Since this is a brand new service, bandcamp only has the option to use a credit card, but they've told us they are working to integrate PayPal as soon as possible so stay tuned, or improve your credit score...