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It's a rare thing to get to celebrate the ACTUAL release date of an album, so we are going to punish you all with links on where you can go pick it up!

We know that tons of you have already bought this in one form or another and we really appreciate it! If you are patiently waiting for your exclusive IGG versions, they are coming very soon. Head on over to our indie go go site for updates and support with that. GO HERE The rest of you have some choices.

  • If you are a human being anywhere in the world and like Itunes... iTunes:
  • If you are in the US and like getting your shit from Amazon... Amazon: psst - it's only 7.99 which we believe to be robbery on your part.
  • If you are still one of those rare and wonderful people who like to go out to your local record shop and grab music, it should be there.

Failling that, you will have to turn to the frightening corporate monsters that are Best Buy and FYE (US only) Lastly, for our Canadian friends, we have a classy black version of the double gatefold vinyl which can be found in all the little shops around Canada. It's a sexy little piece:

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