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Vinyl - Round 2 - Pre Order! - Protest The Hero

In short, we are re-printing the latest versions of Kezia, Fortress, and Scurrilous on vinyl (180 gram this time!). If you bought one of the limited to 300 versions - don't fret - you are the only ones who will have those vinyl colours...forever! (unless you start your own vinyl plant and print them without us knowing). If you DID NOT get your copy, this is your chance to lock one down before they are printed. They will be all new colours and we wont be satisfied until they are magnificent. This pre order will define how many we print.

Pre-order goes live Wednesday, January 14th. It will run for ONE WEEK. This means you can take your time and purchase anywhere within that window.

If you are thinking about buying all three titles, might we suggest the bundle with signed 12x12 lithograph and complimentary tote bag? (pictured to the left)

Use this link to find all mentioned products:

See below for the long-winded explanation:

180g Vinyl Reprints: Kezia, Fortress, Scurrilous

"As some of you know, our last pressing of Kezia, Fortress and Scurrilous were limited to 300. We made this choice because of the huge deposit needed to get the vinyl into production - a cost footed by record labels in the past. In hindsight, this number was quite low. Our expectations were blown away when all 900 copies were sold within an hour. Let's just say we have learned the lesson and admit the original order was a tad modest.

For this next pressing, we want everyone to have the chance to solidify a purchase of one, two, or all three of these if they so desire.
There will be no limit to how many are up for grabs - minus a 2 copies per customer policy to cut down on all those ebay swindlers out there.

The Catch:
The amount ordered in this pre-order will dictate how limited the pressing will be for these colour variations. This will give us a very good idea of how many to actually order, and it will give you all the chance to claim yours before they even print.

Some Things to Keep in Mind:

Vinyl takes a long time to print. Anywhere from 14-16 weeks, specially with record store day looming (many bands print limited stuff to sell on record store day, thus print times are all delayed somewhat). We then need to pack the vinyl, shrink wrap, and deliver to our KT8 online shop. Basically, if you participate in this pre order, you are going to have to have some patience when it comes to your shipment. We will do our best to keep you updated on the status of your order. The forecasted shipping date is an estimate and obviously subject to change.

The Vinyl colours are also up in the air - as vinyl collectors, you most likely know that colour combinations (swirls, splatters, tri colours, etc) often will look very different from one product to the next. You have to be okay with that!
Having said that, we will do test prints of all the colours to make sure they are what we want! And they will undoubtedly look different and original from any other pressings of these releases.

If you choose to wait and try to get one of these when they are actually done, you may be out of luck. We will not be printing a huge amount more than what comes in on this pre order. We are using the pre order to judge how many to print. (have we stressed that enough?!)

All that said, we hope you take advantage of this if you are SURE you want a copy when they are ready. If you aren't sure, we suggest you wait and take your chances."


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