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European Meet and Greets - Protest The Hero

Okay, so we had nothing good to say about the idea of a "meet and greet" for years. That was right up until we did some awesome ones in Australia and South Africa in September. It was neat for us to actually sit around, have a pint and chat with some of you fine people. It was also a chance to take some photos and offer up a couple exclusive items as well.

We are giving it a whirl this coming adventure to Europe (in venues which would allow it).

***These are generally small venues so space is REALLY limited***

Go HERE to look for your city! Or click the picture to the left.

We know it's not for everyone, but we wanted to at least provide it for people who are keen to ask some questions, give their insight and make fun of us face to face.

In trying to make this thing worth your money, we decided to throw in a few cool merch items and give you a VIP pass which will allow you to skip any lines for the show.

Each one will be roughly an hour in length (or however long it takes to answer all questions and crack some funnies). We will take pictures with everyone (including a group shot each day). The photos can be whatever you want them to be, if you find any from Australia, you will know they can get pretty good.

With purchase, you get:

- a VIP laminate which allows you to skip the line at the show

- an exclusive tote bag

- signed, limited edition 11x17 tour poster

- 4 tim and luke "signature" guitar picks

- meet the band (obviously) and ask us anything / bring anything for us to sign or fart on

**We will also be raffling off a very limited pth flag for each day**

Finally, we wanted to make sure that our League of Extraordinary Gentlemen / Women aren't forgotten here. We wanted to offer the Meet and Greet at a very inexpensive cost to you. And there is ONLY a cost to help cover a couple of the extra items we are giving away. You will still be able to head to our merch table to grab your exclusive merch item when the show starts up.

See some pictures of what you get below:

VIP Package

Limited Signed Poster

Exclusive Tote

Signature Picks

VIP Pass

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