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NEW Album - Palimpsest - Out June 19th - Protest The Hero

Our new record (okay, old for us since it has been in the works for three years) will be coming out on June 19th!

You can check out a nifty pre-order spread we put together over HERE

We are very proud of how this one turned out and we cannot wait for you all to hear it! Our first single from the album THE CANARY was released today as well - go to the link below to pick your streaming platform -

Our pal Todd Kowalski wrote and played bass on this song. Such a distinct pleasure to have him involved as both a writer and performer.

Now that we actually have lots of stuff to talk about, we will be updating this site more often. Check back now and again and there should be some treats!

Thank you all for your patience as we wrote and recorded this monster....


LP5 Production Continues with 2 Middle Fingers Flung Skyward! - Protest The Hero

Oh, Hello There...

It has been a little over 6 months since our last update in February. So it needs to be said off the top - thanks for your patience! Believe it or not, a lot has happened since February.

Let's get right to it shall we?

Choady seems to be winning his quarrel with voice-burglars. After off-and-on months of recording what they could, the month of June presented Rody and our vocal producer (Cam) with a decision. Cam was leaving forever on tour with Daniel Caesar (Cam does front of house sound for DC). It sounded like Cam and Rody wouldn't be able to continue recording until 2020, when Cam would be available again. Obviously, another delay in recording was not something any of us were prepared to consider. Then, as if summoned from some heaven-like cloud-city where people are significantly more attractive than here on earth, our friend / producer Anthony K turned up to lend a hand. Actually, he simply left his house near Yorkdale Shopping Center and drove to Whitby where Choady had been recording.

Together, both Rody and Anthony agreed that it was time to say 'fuck it' and get this thing dusted. And so, that's exactly what they are doing. At it again full time, Rody has reported his voice feels better than he can remember. The rough mixes of these tracks are telling a similar story - he sounds great, confident, and a bit more pissed off than usual. It's awesome to hear it come together!

Cam and Anthony will continue to produce the vocals together. We also haven't forgotten about Dez (nor he about us) - as he is still providing crucial notes from his castle in Washington, and is set to be the master of puppeteers when it comes to the handling of mixes and delivery of the final album.

While all this vocal progress is being made, the rest of us are working with our friend and composer Milen to orchestrate additional instrumentation on each song. Our goal is to create our biggest sounding record yet, and that includes opening ourselves up to new instruments and arrangements. It really is some exciting new territory... (while at the same time, kind of familiar - as records like Fortress were peppered with crazy additional production).

We have hired an incredible artist to take the reigns on the record's artwork...and let's just say after seeing some initial sketches, they know what the fuck they are doing! As you may know, the artwork for our records has always been important to us. So, with this record, we made sure to share the lyrics for each song, and explained the concept clearly before then turning it over to the artist completely. It's very satisfying when an artist just 'gets it' so quickly and confidently.

All this positive news is still accompanied with some question marks... As of now, we aren't sure who will mix and master the record - but you will know when we do. We also don't have any confirmed release date either. But if we are speaking realistically, it's toward the very end of this year or the first few months of next.

This record has been our most trying. It has demanded our utmost patience and perseverance, but we are finally turning a corner. Feels like we have really had to fight for this one - and the struggle has really made us appreciate how lucky we are to still be in the position to make music. An immense thanks for your patience (if you are still with us!). The hardest part is in the rearview.

More updates soon.

February 8, 2019
An Update on LP5! - Protest The Hero

Hello Friends,

We apologize for the radio silence over here the past few months...
We wanted to take a minute to update you all about our forthcoming record!

In January of 2018, we headed into the studio to undertake the behemoth that will become LP5. In that time, we\'ve completed all the guitars, drums and bass and have been starting to put a dent in the vocals. Also, in that time, there have been 2 babies born, 3 tours, several minds lost and found again and countless slices of pizza consumed.

As some of you may have heard, Rody experienced some issues with his voice nearing the end of our Fortress X run in North America last year. When it came to tracking the new record, he was finding that the old voice just wouldn\'t cooperate like it used to in the studio. Long gone were those 8 hour days of singing his greasy little balls off, taking a few shots of scotch when it got a little hoarse, then picking it back up the next day like nothing had happened. In today\'s reality, this last piece of the tracking puzzle is taking longer than we had expected. Because of this, we are approaching things differently: tracking vocals in chunks rather than all at once. This will allow Choady to get the takes he is unwilling to move on without, while still giving his precious larynx the rest it deserves.

Having said all that, we are very excited about the way things are sounding! A couple facts about the recording process:
Our friend and former wrestler \"Dez Nagle\" engineered and produced all of the guitars, bass and drums for the entire album.

Cam McLellan played all the bass except for one song where we employed a very special guest bassist.
Cam will be engineering and producing vocals with Rody the rest of the way.
Mixing and mastering personnel are yet to be determined but are a constant source of email debate.
Album titles, artwork, and release date are next on the list!

While we plan to keep relatively quiet until the record is completed, there is a near future in which you will wish we would shut the fuck up about it.
Thanks for hanging in there and being so patient.


Fortress 10 Year Anniversary Tour Announced! - Protest The Hero

So apparently time passes us by pretty quickly and Fortress has already been out for 10 years (at the end of Jan)! If that's not insane enough, we are actually going to try to remember all these tunes and play a city near you!

We hope you can make it out to one of these. Normally, we couldn't say this with any semblance of conviction, but these shows might be the ones to actually get advanced tickets for. Some of these venues are on the small side and could fill up quickly! Anywho, it's your life - we are just here to do anniversary tours...

Find the dates below and note that there are some great value VIP ticket options to claim (very limited per show). All items in the VIP will be exclusive. And that limited vinyl pressing is gonna be a doozy!

Vip tickets:
Regular tickets:

March 22nd - Detroit, MI @ Shelter
March 23rd - Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
March 24th - Milwaukee, WI @ Rave II
March 27th - Winnipeg, MB @ The Garrick
March 28th - Saskatoon, SK @ Louis'
March 29th - Edmonton, AB @ Union Hall
March 30th - Calgary, AB @ The Palace
April 1st - Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw
April 2nd - Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile
April 3rd - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
April 5th - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
April 6th - Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy
April 7th - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
April 8th - San Diego, CA @ SOMA
- - -
April 19th - Montreal, QC @ La Tulipe
April 20th - Ottawa, ON @ Brass Monkey
April 22nd - Quebec City, QC @ Salle Multi
April 24th - Halifax, NB @ Marquee
April 25th - Moncton, NB @ Tide & Boar Ballroom
April 26th - Boston, MA @ Middle East
April 27th - New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
April 28th - Asbury Park, NJ @ House of Independents
April 29th - Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
May 1st - Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel
May 2nd - Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel
May 3rd - Cleveland, OH @ Agora
May 4th - Toronto, ON @ Danforth

Of Our Own Volition - 6 Part Doc Series - OUT NOW! - Protest The Hero

This is a documentary series about the creation of our last full length album, "Volition". It covers every aspect of the album cycle from song-writing all the way up to the final show. This is your ticket to discovering how we write, record, release, and support an album. It's also a behind the scenes and historical exploration of where we came from and where the frig we are headed!

You can buy, stream and download at the following link (all in HD!):

Very proud of this one, please watch and share!